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Pairing the cash register start yesterday.

In collaboration with the cash register supplier, we can link the Rakedi online ordering system to the cash register so that your online orders can be seamlessly integrated into your cash register for further processing. We have developed a universal solution: if your cash register provider opens its API (sort of interface) and cooperates, the work is done quickly!

What is it?


A cash register requires processing all orders in the cash register system, whether it is in-store orders or online orders.

Integration saves time and avoids errors because you no longer need to enter commands manually.

We link your cash register's databases to your Rakedi online platform.

UnTill® is already a partner, if your current cash register supplier wants to think and work with us, we can handle it too!

How much does it cost?



The module is free to activate at Rakedi.

Cash register supplier

We cannot give a price indication for checkout connections, as this is done in cooperation with the cash register supplier. Ask your unTill® dealer for the cost.

Product coupling

Rakedi has designed a handy connector for the unTill® system that you can use for free. If you want Rakedi or your cash register supplier to connect products and options for you, we will work in close cooperation.

Save time and automate!

Interested in connectivity? Contact us quickly!

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Cash register

In collaboration with unTill®, we have now established a functional link between the cash register and the Rakedi online ordering system so that your online orders can be seamlessly integrated into your cash register for further processing.

We are also official unTill® distributor, you can contact us for more information.

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