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Corporate identity

There are many ways to promote your new online activity.

Launching online sales also means paying the necessary attention to the promotion of this new service. Consumers have been used to buying online for a long time and will be pleasantly surprised when they discover, through your own printed promotion, that you have now also gone digital!



At start-up, you get a free print included: 1000 standard flyers custom A5 front/ full-color version.

You can promote your new online activity to every customer who visits the store. We also have very competitive rates for the delivery of your additional flyers.

Need more flyers?

Upgrade to 2500 flyers (normal price € 65.00 excluding vat)

In addition to the 1000 free flyers, you can get 1500 extra flyers once.

€ 10 excluding vat

Upgrade to 5000 flyers (normal price € 85.00 excluding vat)

In addition to the 1000 free flyers, you can get 4000 extra flyers once.

€ 30 excluding vat

Quality prints to make your company known!

Business cards


You can also choose 1000 free personalized standard business cards, printed in color, two-sided, if you prefer. Here, too, the flyer rate applies to the printing of additional business cards.

Custom prints


Would you like to have other prints made such as menus, promotional flyers, banner ads, stickers, etc... in addition to free prints?

Don't hesitate to ask us for a free quote. We are graphically strong and can also convince you of the best value for money thanks to our rates.

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