Digital Signage


Screens for displaying menus, promotions and mood images directly related to your online ordering platform. Everything you edit online is displayed on screens in real time.

Digital Signage


Decide yourself

You choose the number of screens you want to use. Our hardware partner will make you a detailed offer in advance for the delivery, placement and activation of your screens.

Any changes to your menu, prices or images in your Rakedi online ordering platform will be automatically and immediately displayed on your screens.

Choose the colors of your font and/or background. Of course, you can also use an image as a background to create a nice atmosphere.

You can highlight a selection of products.

Highlight your current promotions.

Create more atmosphere in your business and use a screen for mood images.

You control the content of the screen yourself from the back office, each product and/or price adjustment is displayed on your screens in real time. You decide for yourself how many screens you use and how many images to switch per screen, including the time between switches.

Rakedi has developed a solution where the content of your screen remains displayed in case the internet connection fails due to circumstances.

You can choose from a library of backgrounds and colors and add selections of your choice: menu, images, prices, actions!

For hardware (screens and orders), Rakedi works with external partners who can offer you the necessary hardware on demand. For existing hardware, these partners can check whether the Rakedi digital signage is compatible.

Everything is sorted out in real time!

Personalize in the back office of your website and this will be displayed on your screens.

How much does it cost?


Start-up costs Rakedi Digital Signage

A one-time amount of € 100.00 excluding vat, regardless of the number of screens.

Use costs

Only € 16.99 excluding vat per month, regardless of the number of screens.


Ask about the rates from our hardware partner SLYD. You may even be able to repurpose existing screens.


Your choice
Digital Signage hardware

With Rakedi Connectivity, we include the key solutions that modern catering has on its wish list to digitally embrace consumers. We also have a solution for the necessary hardware.

Many solutions involve a hardware element and because Rakedi wants to stay in its core business, software development, we have entered into a partnership agreement with SLYD for the supply, assembly and service of hardware.

How much does it cost?

A selection of the offer: A 3 x 32" screen and a control starting at € 2,157.50 excluding vat!

*prices are indicative and not contractual


Contact our partner SLYD by e-mail or by phone on +32 468 19 01 32

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