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There's a bit more, I'll put it on anyway... ?

The usual question, but for your online sales?

  • Rakedi offers you the integrated solution with Dibal
  • Receive your order online via your Rakedi platform
  • Prepare the order with the Dibal cash register scale
  • Send the payment invitation for the correctly weighed order



Your customer orders online on your Rakedi platform and transmits the order to your Rakedi online back office. You decide which products to put online, including promotions and even available stock. Tip! Your seasonal offer is included: Christmas, New Year, etc. You manage everything yourself!

At a glance, you can see the details of all orders. And also when the customer will pick it up, after you have specified time slots. Do you want to inform the customer that the order can be picked up? You can do so with one click in this screen by e-mail or text message! You continue working with the work order.

Together with Dibal, we configure the cash register with the assortment you want to sell. The preparation of the order then starts as for a normal counter sale. With the help of the work order, you start weighing and packing the order food by food. Each weighed food product is labelled (price, price/kg, weight, description or allergens) and you record everything neatly on a single ticket. When printing, a second printer will print a QR code detailing the correct weights and prices.

You then scan this QR code (scan in your Rakedi back office or via your smartphone) and an e-mail is automatically sent to the customer with the exact details of what you have prepared and the price per item and the total price. Beforehand, you can decide whether the customer should pay online or on collection from you.

In short, you don't have to worry about selling your beautiful creations online! And the customers? They'll be in seventh heaven, not only because of your delicious food but also because of the convenience of online ordering!

The Dibal cash register scale is versatile!
  • Processing of online sales on a separate cash scale
  • Pre-pack with labelling for your convenience foods
  • Point-of-sale scale for regular counter sales
Dibal workflow

Buying a cash register system to be worry-free with your customers and your assortment?

Do you need an explanation, a free demonstration or a quote? Contact us quickly!

Dibal D-900

Dibal D-900

Electronic scale (without PC) with touch screen for sales staff and dual printer (tickets, labels or a combination of both). This is the most popular series in our range. You can choose between three robust models that are weatherproof, windproof and shockproof. Thanks to the touch screen, you can work quickly, easily and clearly.

Market traders, retailers and industrial companies often choose these wireless touch screen scales. They are easy to use (you choose the look of your overview menu) and can withstand many shocks. Got an empty paper roll? Replace it quickly thanks to a handy cassette system.

Download specs

Dibal Specs

What we do for you?

At start-up

No, selling online as a food retailer does not require a lot of work or expense! Compare us to a turnkey project. We do it this way:

We design your own website with the Rakedi ordering platform

If you already have a website, no problem. We link our platform.

Buy your Dibal scale cash register

Dibal will coordinate with you for the purchase and subsequent service.

Configuration of your scale cash register

Together with Dibal, we make sure that your Dibal equipment is ready for use and connected to your Rakedi online ordering platform.

Training and start-up

Rakedi does this in cooperation with Dibal.

Follow-up and service

You can turn to Rakedi for support with the online part, Dibal takes care of the follow-up, including any subsequent calibration.

Want more information about ordering online?


What is the cost?


Your Rakedi online platform

You start for € 199,99 excl. vat and pay € 119,4 excl. vat per year for hosting and ownership of your domain name. We charge a 2.95% transaction fee on each online order. You will need your own desktop or laptop computer. You can connect a printer for the work order from € 199,00 excl. vat and you can scan the QR code from € 180,00 excl. vat.

Buying your Dibal cash register scale

Dibal will make you a detailed offer for the necessary equipment and additional services.

Don't hesitate or you'll eat cold!

Contact us today to find out more about our Dibal solutions!