Cloud Protect


Invaluable cloud backup of POS systems for hospitality businesses.

Digital POS systems are now indispensable, in cases even mandatory, for hospitality businesses to accurately record their sales and transaction data. However, it is crucial that this data is stored securely and protected from possible loss. This is especially true for hospitality businesses, where the daily number of transactions is high and the data contains sensitive information.

Cloud Back-up

The cloud?

Rakedi Cloud

Simply put, working in the cloud is storing and retrieving files, data and software in a place other than your own location. The place where your data is stored is often invisible and unknown and is therefore called the cloud (cloud).

By using cloud backup solutions, hospitality businesses can ensure that their POS system data is securely stored on a remote server, drastically reducing the risk of data loss due to hardware problems or other calamities.

Why Cloud Back-up?

Cloud Back-up

Rakedi Cloud Protect protects data from loss due to calamities such as fire, flood or theft, as well as hardware problems such as hard disk crashes.

Eliminate the cost of buying additional hardware for backups and reduce the number of hours needed to completely rebuild your database.

Because we protect the entire database of your POS application, we minimise downtime and the time needed to be operational again.

Cloud solutions offer opportunities to grow with your business. Rakedi Cloud Protect protects the desired number of devices without the hassles of physical hard drives or backup drives.

Access to your Cloud backup is password protected and all data is also encrypted. So no one can mess with your data in unwanted ways.

What is Rakedi Cloud Protect?


Rakedi wants to use Rakedi Cloud Protect to protect its POS customers from data loss. As a hospitality company, it is crucial to ensure that the POS database remains intact. With this cloud solution, you are protected against threats such as hardware failures, human error and other factors.

A necessary protection for the modern hospitality entrepreneur who uses a certain working method and also wishes to continue that same working method after calamities, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Rakedi will install the Cloud Protect app on your POS. The app provides an automatic and daily backup and stores it in the cloud so you always have the latest data.

Cloud Protect application


We monitor backups for you.


Budget-friendly solution high on efficiency.


Rakedi Cloud Protect creates encrypted backups. Thus, we guarantee fully secure solution for hospitality entrepreneurs.


Restart as soon as possible with a quick recovery of data.

Rakedi Cloud Protect provides a dedicated hospitality solution for cash registers.

What does it cost?



12,99 / month / terminal
6,50 / month / terminal
  • Up to 5 GB
  • 1 terminal
  • Monitoring
  • Daily backup
  • Encrypted
50% discount


12,99 / month / terminal
5,99 / month / terminal
  • Up to 15 GB
  • 2 terminals
  • Monitoring
  • Daily backup
  • Encrypted
Most popular
54% discount


12,99 / month / terminal
4,99 / month / terminal
  • Up to 50 GB
  • From 3 terminals
  • Monitoring
  • Daily backup
  • Encrypted
62% discount

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