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Keeping track
Rakedi B2B portal dashboard

With the B2B portal, we combine the unique aspect of our own website for each branch of a network and central monitoring of online activity.

Because Rakedi's customers with a network of outlets have opted for their own website per branch and thus cover the fact that each point of sale is or may be different: assortment, price, availability, opening hours, sales and preparation capacity, promotions, ... we've also designed a solution to monitor the performance of each separate control platform from a central point.

Let's work together!

Under the motto "Together we are stronger", Rakedi partners with different partners.



In real time, we centralize all sales data that you can read on convenient screens or export in excel format.

You can also push promotions to all branches and everything happens in real time.

Depending on the customer's wishes and the number of branches, we establish a personalized price offer.

This environment also allows for additional developments for specific features and we are happy to make separate analyses and quotes for this.

Rakedi Data Warehouse

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