What do we do for you?

At startup

No, starting a own website with an online ordering solution is not a lot of work! Just compare Rakedi to a turnkey project. We're going to put everything in place for you!

Entering administrative data

Business name, contact information, address, opening hours and standard settings.

Incorporate your own existing logo

The logo you provided will be displayed at the top left of each page in the navigation bar.

Standard main photo suitable for the sector

Rakedi has designed a custom image for each sector and will activate it on the platform.

Main color for buttons and links is fixed

The chosen color is applied. It should fit on a white background because the colors of the text and background are not suitable in the standard version.

Encoding products with prices and attributes based on your price lists

Rakedi will integrate existing price lists into the online ordering platform.

Your domain name

We register the chosen domain name in your name and link it to your new platform.

Own website

Your Rakedi platform is your own website that radiates the identity of your business.


We plan an online training when you start, guide you through the backoffice of your Rakedi platform and teach you to choose and maintain all the specific parameters of your business.

Email hosting

We offer you the opportunity to create your own email addresses so that you can communicate with your customers in a professional manner.

Free flyers

You also receive 1000 free personalized standard flyers or business cards to promote your new Rakedi ordering platform.


As a Rakedi customer, you can count on our help when you need it. There is a vast Virtual Helpdesk and our employees are there for you every day!

At Rakedi, you can always consult us for advice



Your own website and online ordering platform don't have to be expensive.

We want to offer merchants the opportunity to give their products and their business affordable online visibility by offering their own website and online store with no additional fixed monthly fees and only on the basis of the lowest commission rate on the market, at 2.95%.

What do you need for that?

Just a hosting package that we offer at € 119.40 excluding vat/year to guarantee the availability of your website/ordering platform and the motivation to generate more sales!

  • Own website
  • Own domain naam
  • Online ordering platform for delivery, takeaway and eat-in
  • Vast library of products with images
  • Email hosting with unlimited email addresses
  • The server and hosting are managed for you by experts
  • 7/7 support
  • Possibility to accept online payments via Mollie
  • Start-up training
  • No fixed monthly cost
  • Single start-up cost of € 199.99 excluding vat
  • Only 2.95% commission
  • No sales = no costs



Supplements in addition to the start-up cost. All rates are VAT-free.

Personalized main photo
A photo of the interior or façade of the store, for example, provided by the company, is incorporated into the different screen resolutions of the layout as the main photo.

€ 25.00

Replace the main image with a video
The main image will be replaced by a provided video (we don't produce a video ourselves). It will be played automatically when loading the page.

€ 100.00

Show logo in the center of the main image
The text that is intended to be displayed above the main photo will be deleted and only the logo will be displayed in the center of the main photo instead of being at the top left of the navigation bar.

€ 25.00

Lock the main image in the background
The main image remains when scrolling through the home page. The content slides into the photo.

€ 75.00

Personalize background color
Custom background color (other than white) with all the text in contrasting color.

€ 50.00

Additional custom block with content on homepage
A new block is inserted with its own content between existing blocks on the home page. In this way, more personalized information can be presented to visitors.

€ 50.00

Send the table reservation back to a web page instead of the contact form
Link the table reservation link (under the welcome text) to the web page instead of the standard feature that scrolls through the contact form.

€ 50.00

Integration of an external platform for booking tables on the internal page
iFrame integration of an external platform for booking tables like Resengo, TableFever, ... on an internal page. A menu item is provided in the navigation bar to access this page.

€ 75.00

Add an extra page
Example: about us, promotion of our own food truck, baskets, catering service, ...

€ 25.00

View your menu on internal page
Put the menu on a separate page (pdf / jpg to be provided by the merchant)

€ 25.00

Landing page to connect multiple platforms
If there are multiple platforms and a general web page must be created for selection. Example: a merchant with multiple outlets and a Rakedi platform per point of sale.

€ 100.00

Transfer of an existing domain name
Keep your own domain name, it will be linked to your new Rakedi platform.

€ 95.00

Adapt/personalize FAQ, terms and conditions and/or privacy policy
Adapt the FAQ's standard questions and answers, terms and conditions and/or confidentiality policy supplemented by Rakedi.

Time and effort

Product finishing photos
Cut, edge of shadow, ...

Time and effort

Assign additional attributes and/or allergens
Create attributes that cannot be deducted from the price list and link them to products and/or create and assign allergens by product.

Time and effort

Rakedi is more than just a website with ordering platform!

Our services are constantly evolving to provide an even better service to our customers.


Mix & Match

Rakedi Connectivity has even more features to offer in addition to the website with online ordering solution:

Till connectivity

The module is free to activate.

We cannot give a price indication for the cash register links, as this is done in cooperation with the supplier of the cash register.

Rakedi (at time and effort cost) or your cash register supplier will charge you for any customization and correct setting of the database, unless you do it yourself. Further, at Rakedi, you don't have any more costs associated with that.

Online payments and Wallet

This functionality is standard and is therefore free. Any amount that the consumer adds to the Wallet is immediately credited to your account.

As a merchant, you pay the mollie PSP fee for the payment method chosen by the consumer.

Consumer loyalty system with Rakedi Coins

The module is free to activate.

The use of Rakedi Coins after activation costs € 100.00 excluding vat per year.

Rasy PC

From € 499.98 excluding vat, you're already equipped with a STARTER version. Our hardware partner will be happy to make you a personalized offer based on your wishes and the hardware and support required.

Digital Signage

One-time start-up cost of € 100.00 excluding vat, regardless of the amount of screens.

Only € 16.99 excluding vat per month of user fees, regardless of the amount of screens.

For the prices of the necessary hardware, we refer to our hardware partner. You may even be able to reuse existing screens.

Instore orders with a kiosk or tablet and other hardware

Our hardware partner will be happy to make you a personalized offer based on your wishes and the hardware and support required.

B2B portal for monitoring multiple sites

We are pleased to develop a tailor-made offer.

Covid-19 registration

This feature is standard and therefore free.

Printed matter

At the launch of your new website, you get 1000 personalized standard flyers or business cards for free.

See printed matter for other print and promotional materials.



All prices are 21% excluding VAT


Element Price
Setting up a new platform
Includes a hosting pack with database on the server.
Domain name: sub-domain provided by Rakedi
€ 200.00
Header image
Change color from accent to company color
€ 275.00
Producten toevoegen
Max 50 producten met een maximum van 10 attributen. Per product maximum 2 gekoppelde attributen
Foto‘s van ieder product aan te leveren door de klant
€ 220.00
Configuratie parameters
Alle parameters klaarzetten voor de catering zoals tijdsloten, ...
Create accounts
For the kitchen
For the administrator
For each salesforce
For users or flex users
€ 55.00
Total installation for a trade show € 750.00

Daily prices

Element Price
Use the platform (number of users and unlimited devices) € 150.00
Presence of a Rakedi employee (8 uur) € 440.00


Element Day Week 10 days
Laptop € 25.00 € 50.00 € 75.00
USB-ticket printer * € 20.00 € 40.00 € 65.00
Network ticketprinter
(USB + LAN + Wifi + BT) *
€ 40.00 € 80.00 € 130.00
iPad Separate quotation
iPad holder

*including 1 roll of paper

The advantages

  • SAAS solution for the catering of a show or fair
  • A more efficient and less costly catering organization
  • Tracking visitors/exhibition staff
  • The server and hosting are managed for you by experts
  • 7/7 pupport
  • No fixed monthly cost
  • No contracts

Don't let it cool down!

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