Our journey


It all started out like a lot of small businesses. A concrete question, an idea on how to solve it. Joining the right people, a lot of projects and above all a lot of desire to undertake!

Rakedi Reviews

Today, it is becoming everyone's reflex; "let's see what customers say about that business". Now you can also invite customers to give you a review and thereby reward your daily efforts to serve customers well. Because a good review encourages other customers to buy from you. Probably your cheapest marketing budget!

Rakedi Blog

Would you like to have your own "online gazette" and keep your customers informed of all the fun things going on in the business? Write your own blog in short messages, add a picture of your choice and put them online on your own website in no time, bet your customers will love this too?

Rakedi Partner Program

We like to reward loyal customers and with the Silver, Gold or Diamond formula you can earn a lot back. Take a look at the details of our offer!

Table ordering via QR code

What the customer does himself, he does better. Use the QR code on your tables for a direct link to your Rakedi ordering site and let the customer order by himself. More time for other customers and seamlessly integrated into your kitchen management!


Rakedi wants to be much more than an online food ordering solution. Online sales are becoming more and more important in the turnover share of the modern catering business and our customers also want to integrate those orders in their POS system. We developed our own cash register solution based on an unTill license and now you can perfectly integrate online sales in your cash register! We also provide the necessary hardware!

Expansion of our Team

Customer service starts with accessibility and because Rakedi wants to focus strongly on customer satisfaction, Anouchka became our Customer Success Agent. You can contact her with all your questions!

A difficult year for food service

We have had a year of exceptional growth, the global pandemic and government actions have deeply shaken the food service sector. We are very proud of the fact that we have been working hard for months to help so many entrepreneurs develop their online food ordering solution.

Rakedi Coins

Customers like to save, with Rakedi Coins you can now reward all customers for their online purchases. You decide what you give in exchange for the Coins and we'll tempt your customers not only with the quality of your dishes but also with the extras he can earn with the Coins!

Digital Signage

Use your online platform to automatically control your screens in the shop. Manage your entire menu with images, prices, and mood pictures yourself, in real time in the back office of your Rakedi website. Already have screens? No problem, we'll find out if we can reuse them.

We're launching Leonidas Click&Collect
Partnership Leonidas and Rakedi

A carefully prepared trajectory leads to a first pilot with several Leonidas outlets in Belgium and France. From then on, the chocolate train is unstoppable! A large number of Leonidas franchisees trust Rakedi and Leonidas Click and Collect was born!

Instore ordering


Covid-19 registration


Till connectivity unTill


Rakedi E-vent


Sligro-ISPC deploys Rakedi as a tool to recruit new customers
Partnership Sligro-ISPC and Rakedi

Sligro-ISPC has partnered with us and recruits its customers for the brand new Sligro branch in Antwerp with a Rakedi incentive! We are already known "on the other side of the river"!

Pilot project Bicky Click & Eat
Partnership GoodLife Foods and Rakedi

GoodLife Foods entrusted us with a pilot project to provide its Bicky Official Dealers, at the time a network of about 650 Belgian Fries outlets, a Rakedi solution called "Bicky Click & Eat". We are fully committed to this project and, in no time, 20 Official Bicky Dealers are committed to the project. Short time after, GLF decided to deploy Bicky Click & Eat throughout the network,the testing phase has passed!

Careful prospecting

The Rakedi website with its online ordering platform is programmed and ready to use. The first customers give us their trust and the whole team is committed: an informative website, documents for registrations, the collection of pictures for our food library, marketing campaigns, listening to the valuable comments of our first customers. And we're still prospecting!

Creation of Rakedi bv

Dieter, his wife Kelly, Christian from Ternat and Eddy, Dieter's father, decide to join forces and create "Rakedi, online food, simply good!" above the baptismal grounds. A new player in the market!

We ordered fries and all of a sudden...

It all started with a technical question when ordering fries in Ternat. If Dieter couldn't reprogram elements of an online ordering solution... A few days later, he knew: it's better to rebuild it from scratch! Many refelctions, calculations and enthusiastic ideas are born...

Don't let it cool down!

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