The connection between your website and other online applications is now more important than ever.

Discover our ever-growing list of software links that make for an even more efficient way of working.

Google Analytics - Statistics on visitors
RingRing - Notify customers via message
LinedIn - Social media
Dibal - Balance scales
Hello Customer - Customer satisfaction
Chrono Fresh - Delivery service
Rakedi SMS - Notify customers via message
X - Social media
Rakedi Labelprinting
RakediPOS - Cash register
unTill® - Cash register link
Vimeo - Videos
MailChimp - Send a mailing
Instagram - Social media
Rakedi Blog
La Poste Proxi Course - Delivery service
DPD Fresh - Delivery service
Billit - Invoicing
Waze - Navigation
Rakedi CloudPrint - Automatic printing of orders
Rakedi - Wallet
Mollie - Online payment
YouTube - Videos
Facebook - Social media
DPD - Delivery service
Rakedi - Giftcards
Google Maps - Navigation
Google Tag Manager - Simple tagging

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