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We strongly believe in the power of a strong local presence: hence the usefulness of your own website, with your own identity, your offer and great flexibility to reach your target customer: the hungry consumer!

Rakedi manages maximum adjustable capacity, controlling the exact volume of processable online orders while ensuring quality. Having your own website is the spicy alternative to the almost anonymous presence on a food online marketplace with a very large number of shops like yours. Your food and beverage supply is not fully shown at all and the fees charged are lethal to the profitability of your business. Businesses with multiple branches also need differentiation, not all outlets are the same: different opening hours, different assortment, local prices and promotions, different occupancy and kitchen capacity, out of stock, etc. you’re right. Rakedi has it!


At the beginning of Rakedi, we knew we had to bring together the right skills.

As a startup in 2018, Rakedi has been able to grow rapidly to become what we are today: the right partner to help the modern food service industry to (re)organize the relationship with the customer in response to a consumer who thinks more and more digitally!

Our team

In 2018, Rakedi has started to develop its own website for merchants with an online ordering function and since then we are much more than that.

Today, we've grouped all possible digital interactions in your business under the term "Rakedi Connectivity." After all, selling food online is more than just a web ordering platform. Digitalization of the customer relationship can also play an important role within your business and we even have several partners for hardware.

For us, a little effort, for you, a world of difference!

Website with online ordering platform

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You work very hard in the food service industry and that's why we save your time! How do you introduce your customers to a new dish or snack? Let them taste, of course! We will organize a free demonstration online or we will visit you.

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Under the motto "Stronger Together", Rakedi teams up with different partners.

What our customers are saying

De Frietwagon
Kristof De Ridder

De Frietwagon - Halle

Rakedi generates more customers, my website reflects my own identity, is fast and I can easily adjust everything myself. My customers are very satisfied as well.
Orchidee Thai
Vincent Opstal

Orchidee Thai - Knokke

With the launch of Rakedi online food orders, I am getting a lot of new customers and especially a younger audience, which is good for my business!
De Speurweg
Matthias Mehauden

Frituur De Speurweg - Moerbeke

With Rakedi, I work much more efficiently in my business. My customers like our website and they don't have to wait in the restaurant anymore. They can now order from the comfort of their armchair. You can count on Rakedi!

Our team

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We strive to provide the consumer with the maximum experience by tailoring Rakedi's features to their needs.


Your product list will be entered and an experienced person will help you get started and assist you if needed.


Greater proximity to customers and more efficient order processing lead to an increase in sales.


Our experts are ready to provide you with technical support and an up-to-date platform.

User friendliness

The product catalogue is presented in a clear and well-organized manner and orders can be easily transmitted.

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